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radiation detection equipment found evidence of low levels of radiation on either the sailors or their helicopters as well as a number of additional helicopter crews later in the day. our navy says the humanitarian missions nevertheless will continue. high anxiety. japan pulls emergency workers from its crippled nuclear power plant after surging radiation. dealing with disaster, a new study reveals how prepare suicide the u.s. to deal with the major nuclear emergency. and wave of power -- newly surfaced video shows the force of friday's tsunami as it hits the oregon coastline. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc.
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we begin this morning with melting point. a skeleton crew working to prevent an all-out meltdown at the fukushima nuclear plant were forced out of the facility for nearly an hour today. the extremely rare measure was called for following a dangerous spike in radiation that japanese authorities feared was a risk to workers' lives. dan shenman reports. >> reporter: authorities in japan have struggled to avert an environmental catastrophe in the plant in tokyo. the rods were being stored in pools of water. seawater has been pumped into reactors one, two, and three to cool fuel rods as they worked to bring down temperatures in reactors five and six. >> if the fuel rod gets exposed,
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it can become fragile and there's a high chance of a rod to break. radiation material normally contained inside of the container could seep out of it. >> japan will ask the u.s. military for help but he did not elaborate. for a few dozen workers to remain at the nuclear facility, they've faced life-threatening levels of radiation. >> aye that have been exposed to levels of radiation that are life threatening and will in some cases be fatal. >> the nuclear facility is taking attention away from the disaster in japan. friday's quake and tsunami left entire villages in the way. they found body after body and piles of rubble. the death toll is estimated to be well over 10,000. thousands more remain missing. those that survived had to make do with little food, water, or heat. and back here at home, the results of a new study highlight the reason why some are
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increasingly concerned about how prepared we are as a country to hand al potential nuclear crisis. tracy potts joins us from washington with those details and the reaction from capitol hill. good morning to you. lynn, good morning. the american medical association did a survey to find out if our states are ready to deal with a nuclear disaster. they found three-quarters have minimal plans to monitor radiation exposure. half have minimal plans at all. one in five, they said, had no plans. congress wants to know are our nuclear plants prepared. they're asking for full testimony from the nuclear regulatory commission on safety at u.s. plants especially on those near fault lines. can they withstand a magnitude nine earthquake like we saw in japan. here in the u.s., a lot of people are concerned about radiation exposure. there's withbeen a run on potas iodine here.
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one retailer said he has a backlog of 3,000 orders. lynn? tracy, thanks so much. in the wake of this week's nuclear crisis in japan, last night on the last word with lawrence o'donnell, lawrence asked bill richardson if he thinks japan's difficulties should serve as a nuclear safety wakeup call for the united states? >> i don't think we need to panic, but we need to look at all procedures. we have to look at the five nuclear plants that are probably going to be built in the next ten years, the -- the nuclear power should be part of our energy mix because it's not a polluting source, but at the same time, we've got to deal with these safety issues. we've got to deal with the containment vessels and earthquake-prone areas like in california. we've got to deal with looking at the technology of these plants that crippled the japanese system. we have to look at perhaps a
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pause in these seismically active areas. this is a time not else inially to talk about stopping nuclear power or moratoriums, but it's a time for -- i guess a time-out, a pause. let's look at all of the safety procedures in the 104 nuclear reactors that we have in the 31 states. and let's be sure that the lessons learned from this catastrophe are applied here in america. >> "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell weeknights. other news. home video from a resident in oregon captured the destructive power of last week's tsunami on u.s. shores. powerful waves and rising water tore apart the brookings harbor point tossing around boats as if
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they were toys. the damage ranged from $13 million. a disaster assessment team has visited the area to determine if it's eligible for federal relief. military units across the nation headed to the hoosier state to take part in mock nuclear disaster drills. the doomsday scenario called for ap emergency response to nuclear explosion, collapsed buildings and decontamination. preparation is more essential in light of the current situation in japan. finally, a virginia search and rescue team is on the ground in japan. the fairfax county-based crew was deployed to the city of ofrinado in the wake of the tsunami. they along with a crew from los angeles have uncovered several remains and are searching through the debris for more. turn to bill carins for the forecast. good morning to you. we're closely watching this situation in japan. wind playing such a significant
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part in this developing situation. >> most of the nuclear reactors, at least the ones having trouble located right on the coast, they buffer up against the pacific ocean here. they use the water to cool them when things are running properly. the winds, if they're blowingoff shore, will take all of the nuclear are radiation and send it over japan and over the pacific. over the pacific, if you go far enough, you get to hawaii and to zaza and to the east coast of america. it's so far away, the dispersion models don't have an issue for areas of the west coast. the cooler winds are going to be arriving and blowing everything offshore for the next few days. that's a good forecast. it's keeping everything away from the populated areas. the forecast is chilly out there. around the sendai area. it will continue at least to the
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weekend. it's one piece of good news. we bring it back home here. rain this morning. not too much snow. a little wintry precip moving up to new england. heavy rain, you're leaving your door now to new york city and new jersey, heavy rain is on its way. philadelphia area up to southern jersey and thunderstorms swept off of the coast of maryland. this is all going to move through long island, connecticut, providence right through the heart of the rush hour this morning. it will be gone by noon today. heavy rain early. a look at the radar. filling up quickly here from philly to new york. the rest of the country looks okay today. it's from boston to new york this morning with weather concerns. >> thanks so much. coming up, worries about japan stock dips and commodities and drives down the price you pay at the pump. coming up, the knicks can't keep pace at indy.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. here's what's making news. a large scale sexual assault against thousands today in an effort to move them out of the main square in the country's capital. two protesters were killed. the action comes after bahrain's king declare add three-month state of emergency and instructed the military and suppress the unrest. muammar qaddafi's forces have taken a key area. that key victory comes as colonel qaddafi warns rebels, quote, there are two possibilities, surrender or run away. before meeting with egypt's new prime minister, hillary clinton took a walk in the
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epicenter of the revolution that brought down egyptian hosni mubarak. clinton calls it, quote, thrilling to see where this happened. residents in florida's miami dade county overwhelmingly voted to remove carlos alvarez from office after he raised property taxes and increased the salary of unionized public employees. and more proof of the extraordinary power of japan's earthquake and tsunami last friday -- this, a photo provided by the u.s. navy shows one home completely intact, just floating in the pacific ocean. and deeply focussed on the nuclear crisis in japan this morning, the immense human tragedy there is still unfolding. while there is no telling when people will be able to return to rebuild their homes, some are just getting now to see the wreckage for the first time. angus walker from the english broadcasting partner itn followed one family whose
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relatives are among the thousands still missing. kyogi sato, his wife, and 3-year-old daughter are returning to their house for the first time since the tsunami. there's no home to go to. they've lost everything, including half their family. koji sato's mother and grandmother are still missing. the sato family have live in this close-knit fishing community for decades. four generations used to live under the same roof. a family tree shattered and splintered by the force of the sea. >> then suddenly, mika sato spots her next door neighbor's. incredibly, they managed to escape as well. more than 10,000 didn't.
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koji sato finds photos of other neighbors, but no one knows where they are. the family is living with dreadful guilt. did koji sato lead his mother and grandmother to their deaths. when the earthquake struck, they rushed them to a house which had survived a previous tsunami. for the first time, the building is gone and so are they. >> they disappeared. >> ikari had been at nursery. her mother is a teacher. both had been far enough away. the new home is a school on a hill. the sato family and everything they own now fit on one blanket on the floor. and they're not alone. angus walker, itv news, northern japan. a few of the hundreds of thousands of stories that are going on in japan right now puts
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it all in perspective. we'll shift gears and give you a first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,855 after tumbling 137 points yesterday. the s&p dropped 14 points. the nasdaq fell 33. taking a look at overseas trading this morning. in tokyo, the nikkei surged, 488 points. while in hong kong, the hang seng gained 22. and the prospect of a nuclear meltdown in japan crippling the world's third largest economy wreaked havoc this week. there are signs from tokyo things may be coming, at least for now. thee nikkei closed 5.5% higher recovering some of the massive losses sustained in the last two days tuesday, the dow jones industrials fell 300 points at the opening bell. things looked so grim, the new york stock exchange invoked a special rule to smooth
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volatility. intel and cisco dependent on japanese plants for products and parts had steep falls. insurer aflac fell sharply. nuclear-related stocks continue to be battered. blue chip general electric which has veb chntures with hitachi f on huge trading volume. stocks climbed back somewhat in the afternoon thanks to a statement from the fed on the policy meeting that japan was gaining traction. japan spent commodities to a tailspin. oil tumbled to $4 a barrel. in two weeks, gold has dropped $48 an ounce. the national average pump price for gas fell slightly tuesday for the first time in nearly a month. wheat, corn, and sugar contracts all fell by 5% or more. subaru and toyota are cancelling most overtime and scaling back production in north america and final lynette flix was a rare
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winner on the day, soaring almost 8% as market research showed rivals in home movies. good news there. the pacers muscle the knicks. and the bucks' woes continue. march madness begins in earnest with the so-called clay matchups. the first look in sports straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.'s prese the solar system. hey, i've got just the wholegrain fiber to keep her full so she can stay focused. um, you rock. she'll be ready to rock. [ female announcer ] make your kids big days, mini-wheats days. packed with 100% whole grain fiber, kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal has what it takes to help keep your kids full so they can stay focused on the days that matter most. keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused. ♪ [ male announcer ] escape convention. ♪ escape definition. ♪ escape compromise. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient
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look," i'm lynn berry. the good news for the ncaa basketball winners is they're in. but the bad news is they have to face some of the top seeds in march madness. here's fred roggin. >> we're all familiar with the final four. now the first four. the tipoff, unc-ashe-little rock got the tourney started. knocked down three with ten seconds to play. trojans with ten seconds to win. the three was off the mark and we headed to o.t. dickey and the bulldogs kept it rolling in the extra frame. they won it 81-77. they'll play number one seed pittsburgh tomorrow. it was a blowout. clemson led from start to finish in the uae. they went on to win it 70-52, they will play the fifth seed in west virginia in the east bracket. two more games tonight. the big dance starts tomorrow afternoon. with the first of 16 games at 12:15 eastern.
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under 15 seconds to play. carmelo anthony drove the baseline. tied it with the lay-up. that's where they got it. indy with the last chance. that's all they needed. danny granger, fade away. with .3 seconds left. that's the game winner. pacers beat the knicks 119-117. joe johnson with the look against milwaukee. sported the head band for the first time. 28 of the 36 in the first half. hawks soared past the bucks, 110-85. now to chicago, ironic that the bulls had the jerseys the day they leapfrogged the celts for the top spot in the east. they're 1 and 30 on the road. the bulls win it easily. they gave aretha franklin a reason to dance. chicago getting plenty of respect in the east. they don't have the best record in the conference. that's the first look at sports, i'm fred roggin. bill carins with the weather
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channel forecast. good morning, bill. the rain moving through highly populated areas. philadelphia, trenton, new york city. the rain is it coming down. it will move up through new england today. thankfully today is not st. paddy's day. tomorrow's forecast looks great for the parade in new york city. as far as the rain goes, eventually, it will clear out. it's quick moving. not an all-day rain event. in philadelphia, we'll have an hour or two of rain. in new york city, the rain will stop sometime around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. and we'll have to watch the rain exiting boston by noon today. the rain will move quickly. there are periods of freezing rain and pockets of snow you may drive in, especially in the higher terrain in vermont and new hampshire. drive it in the mass pike up to the berkshires. today's forecast, wet weather this morning, philly and new york, this afternoon it will be dry. eventually it will clear out of
5:24 am
new england too. st. paddy's day, it looks fantastic. going to be in the 60s from new york to dc. enjoyable fun day. thanks so much. whether it's an actual show or a live rant, charlie sheen's tour signs up more cities. and bieber meets bieber at madam tussauds's. you're watch "first look" on msnbc. the motorola xoom tablet. with the velocity of a 1-ghz dual core processor, 3-d graphics engine, gyroscope, and a widescreen hd display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verizon. ♪ i'm your venus ♪ i'm your fire ...needs protection. introducing venus proskin with moisture rich shave gel bars
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welcome back to first look. i'm lynn berry. now a look at your entertainment news. courteney cox may be uncertain with estranged husband, david arquette, but she knows for sure
5:28 am
cox tells "harper's bazaar" she has no desire to date. that's a good thing given her description -- i don't like to go out. i'm not great at small talk. i don't like to go to parties. sean williams voluntarily admitted himself to a treatment center for undisclosed health and personal issues. charlie sheen is bringing the live show, the violent torpedo to truth tour to five venues including radio city's -- new york's radio city music hall. and madam tussauds revealed justin bieber. he was pleased that he was taller than his wax counterpart. was he? >> today when he saw himself he said. ♪ baby baby baby >> going to continue to do
5:29 am
bieber stories so you are forced to sing on air. hopefully this will end up on youtube. >> he's not just growing on me. i have a little crush going. >> i'm worried for you. i've been worried. i don't know if that's any new development. let's wrap this up. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. way too early with willie geist starts right now. the crisis in japan intensifies as workers battling to prevent a nuclear meltdown is forced to evacuate the fukushima power plant. at this point, can the country do anything to contain this growing problem? back at home, the house passes a spending bill to keep the government up and running for at least three more weeks. the question is, are we any closer to a long-term budget solution? and the bad hair and rich people jokes just kept coming at the comedy central roast for the honorable donald k. trump. did the situation get the memo that the presenters are

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